Gender Male
Age At least 1000 years
Aliases Mr. A. H–
The man in the grey suit
Occupation(s) Co-leader of The Night Circus
Family Marco Alisdair (adoptive son)

Alexander, known by the stage name Mr. A.H–, or the man in the grey suit, is one of the leaders of The Night Circus along with Hector Bowen. His actual name is never revealed, however it is known that it is not Alexander based on Celia's comment on it at the start of the book, "It's one he wears like a hat. So he can take it off if he wants. Like Prospero is for [Hector]"

He is the most mysterious character in the book. His apprentice, Marco, is part of the challenge; his opponent is Celia Bowen, with whom he falls deeply in love with.

Alexander mentions near the end of the book that he is very, very old, but his exact age is unknown.

Other than Marco, he was also the teacher of Hector Bowen (Prospero the Enchanter) and Tsukiko.

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