Hector Bowen
Gender Male
Aliases Prospero the Enchanter
Occupation(s) co-leader of The Night Circus
Affiliation The Night Circus
Family Celia Bowen (daughter)

Hector Bowen, who goes by the stage name Prospero the Enchanter, is one of the leaders of The Night Circus along with Mr. A.H-. He is also the father of Celia Bowen, whom he trains in the arts of the circus.


At the time that The Night Circus begins, Hector Bowen is a world-renowned magician, famous for his spectacular performances that outclass any other magician (the reason for this being Bowen's very real enchanting abilities). However, a long time before the events of the book, Hector Bowen was one of the first students of Mr. A.H- until a disagreement about Alexander's teaching methods lead Bowen to instruct students of his own, believing Alexander's methods to be outdated. Consequently, Bowen began to pit his students against Alexander's in increasingly complex challenges. By 1873 Bowen had fallen out of teaching and he focuses on his performing career.

In February of 1873, Bowen meets his daughter Celia for the first time after he left her mother years ago - he is now left to care for Celia after the mother commits suicide. Hector shows no interest in Celia until she accidentally smashes a cup by magic, revealing her inheritance of her father's abilities. After this revelation, Hector rekindles the challenge with Alexander, confident that Celia's natural abilities will trump Alexander's student.

Over the years, Hector teaches Celia through physical methods, and by forcing her to use her magic, as well as teaching Celia how to heal herself. However, Hector's methods are abusive to Celia. Seen multiple times, he abandons Celia and shows her little affection. When Celia is sixteen, Hector parades her around as a medium, fooling people into thinking that she can see ghosts. 

During his teachings, Hector attempts an experiment that will allow him to explore the world freely, but the experiment goes awry and Hector is left as ghost of himself - resulting the announcement of his death in 1885.

As the Night Circus becomes the challenge's venue, Hector makes Celia audition for the position of the illusionist so that she may travel with the circus. As the circus becomes a success, Hector remains near his daughter, and is shown to criticize her moves constantly, believing that she does not take the challenge seriously.

Hector becomes involved with a number of tragedies that strain the breaking points of the circus. Firstly in 1895, he and Alexander accidentally cause the death of Tara Burgess as their argument - as well as Hector's ghost-like appearance - distracts Tara enough for her to inadvertently step in front of an oncoming train. The second tragedy occurs on Halloween in 1901 after a conversation between Hector and Chandresh Lefevre leads the latter to try and kill Alexander, but instead killing Herr Friedrick Thiessen (a close friend of Celia's) when Alexander side-steps away from the oncoming knife. 

In the upcoming stage musical, he will be played by Leo Cornelius.

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