Hinata ia a character mentioned in Erin Morgenstern's novel The Night Circus.


Not much is known about Hinata prior to the events of The Night Circus, outside of the fact that she took part in the Challenge that occurred prior to the current Challenge, in which she was the student of Hector Bowen

It is suggested that Hinata's relationship with her opponent, Tsukiko, is of the same nature as the relationship between Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair, meaning that they were lovers.

Hinata and Tsukiko's challenge ended on April 20th in 1819 after Hinata set herself on fire, thus allowing Tsukiko to win the Challenge.


Very few details are mentioned about Hinata outside of Tsukiko's love for her - Tsukiko mentions that her skin smelled of ginger and cream. It is also suggested that Hinata's element was fire, and that Tsukiko abandoned her own element (water) and changed it to fire in honor of Hinata.